I'm a Finnish graphic designer and I have recently graduated as a media assistant as well.
Ever since I've been working with different companies such as CesarsShop.fi and Cosmo Nordic Oy.
My working experience varies from graphic design and coding (html + css) to doing English to Finnish translations and I'm hungry for more!

I have a passion for fashion and beauty. I've been writing a style-based blog since 2008, so my free time is often filled with photo editing and writing. I've been very interested in nail art since I was a teenager (and I finally took a 4-day long course for gel nails April 2012, but have moved on to acrylic since then). Other than blogging, I like to practise nail sculpting and different techniques for nail art whenever I find time for it.


Media Assistant Stadin ammattiopisto, 2010-2013
School of Domestic Economy Omnia, 2010
Graphic Designer Jyväskylän ammattiopisto, 2006-2009

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